A few months ago, I introduced some 36x48" patterns in two of my classes at QuiltFestival in Houston. 

I'll be teaching two days of fusing workshops at Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA in February and there are spaces in both. (My free motion quilting class is FULL). The first class is my Free Expression Fusing Buffet. Each student will get one 18x24" pattern, for free, that can be used to make a small quilt top, or larger quilt tops. Fused of course! 

I will also offer my new 36x48" patterns to students for $12, and they can work on those during class. The supply list is still the same, you'll still get your free small pattern, but if you want the bigger pattern, you can buy it. Once I set these up on my website, they will be about $20 but have instructions and pictures and stuff. For now, the class is your instruction packet, so I can offer these for a discount, and offer students a larger range of things to work on. 

My second day of fusing workshops, is called The Magnificent Fused Melange. When I make a quilt, I often have leftover pieces, either because I changed my mind, or just made extras, or have the pieces in the negative spaces where I cut out parts. I very often find that quilts made from leftovers are the ones that win the best awards! So, I've decided to offer a workshop, we were just make parts and then put them together. Again, you'll receive free small pattern sheets, some are patterns and some are parts, for example a page of gear shapes in different sizes and designs. 

I will also add the 36x48" patterns to the mix, but those, again, will be $12. 

And since I usually have leftovers, because I bring enough patterns for everyone to have choices, if you really just want to work from a pattern in the first place, you can do that.

Here's a link to the classes:…/robbi-joy-eklow-the-magnificent…






I have a new studio in the HotShops in Omaha, Nebraska. The building is full of artists. it's more like a giant gallery, with studios in it, than studios and a gallery. 

Here are some pictures of my studio,