Goddess of the Last Minute

Posted on Saturday - March 14, 2009

My new book is now out.

If you would like to order an autographed copy of the book, and you live in the lower 48 states, either use the paypal button below, or send a check to me at the address below. The price of $21, covers the price of the book, $18, plus media mail. If you live in IL, send $22.40, to cover sales tax. I'm only doing checks, for the lower 48. At this point, I'm not going to be shipping the book overseas or outside the Continental US.


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Here's my address if you prefer to mail a check:


Robbi Joy Eklow
4 Galleon Court
Third Lake, IL 60030


So, what's in this fabulous tome?

First, what's not in it: no fat, no cholesterol. Lots of fiber, if you decide to eat it. It's not a how-to book this time, no patterns, no instructions for bindings, although I think I shared some hints about picking out an iron, but I can't really remember.

The book is filled with essays that I wrote in the style of my Goddess column in Quilting Arts Magazine. But it's all new stuff. This is not a collection of previously published columns, it's all brand new. Brand new I tell you, prose that I stayed up late into the wee hours writing until my fingers felt like they were going to fall off. Except for the days that I wrote while eating pie at Baker's Square. And that one day I spent before my birthday writing in the lobby of a Holiday Inn, in Vancouver, while my husband was off on some charter fishing trip.

It was rainy, cold, and did I mention rainy? Then next day, in Calgary, on my 50th birthday, I got kicked out of a bookstore for falling asleep reading magazines. I'm not sure if the reading of the magazines or the snoring was what got me ejected. However, the next day, United upgraded me to first class for the flight home. I think the agent was impressed by my Calgary Flames hockey shirt. I'd gone over to the airport the night of my birthday to see if we could fly home on an earlier flight the next day. (People kept asking me what the score of the playoff game was, I had no clue, all I did was buy the shirt. I thought we would spend my birthday evening sitting in the bar at the airport hotel watching hockey with the locals. Here's a hint: locals don't go to airport hotels to watch hockey games... Here's another hint: United closes their section of the airport in the afternoon, when all the international flights have left....so we had found the only guy still there.)